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Defences of Portsmouth and Portsea; demolition – and rediscovery

Although there were once two elaborately walled towns on Portsea Island: Portsmouth and Portsea, by the late nineteenth century most of the bastions, ravelins, walls, glacis and moats had disappeared as the towns expanded beyond these tight bands. So local historians were delighted when excavations In November 2018 briefly revealed the arrow-shaped low stone walls which were part of the

Charles Sargeant Jagger and the Portsmouth War Memorial

Mention the Portsmouth War Memorial, and most people will immediately think, incorrectly, of the imposing Royal Naval monument on Southsea Common. Portsmouth’s civic memorial to the dead of the 1914-18 war from all services, raised by and for the people, is the fine creation in Guildhall Square, Grade II* listed but imprisoned by all the surrounding commercial and municipal activity.