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Year Category Prize Name & Address Postcode
2018 New Building Winner The Hard Interchange, The Hard, Portsea PO1 3PA
2018 New Building Winner Canoe Lake Leisure Tennis Pavilion, St. Helen’s Parade, Southsea PO4 9RF
2018 New Building Commended University Technical College London Rd, Portsmouth PO2 9DU
2018 Restoration Commended Cell Block Studios, College Rd, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ
2018 Restoration Commended South Parade Pier, Southsea PO4 0SW
2018 Re-use Winner Europa House, Havant Street, Portsea PO1 3ER
2017 New Building Commended Unite Students Hall of Residence, Greetham Street PO5 4FB
2017 New Building Commended Hartford Court Home,Catherington Place, St Mary’s Campus PO3 6GN
2017 Restoration Winner Buckingham House, High Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2LP
2017 Re-use Winner Hotwalls Studios and Canteen Café, Broad Street, Old Portsmouth, PO1 2FS
2017 Landscaping Winner Mayfield School grounds, Mayfield Road PO2 0RH
2017 Landscaping Commended St Edmund’s School Eagle Gates, Arundel Street PO1 1RX
2016 New Building Winner Landcover BAR Building, Old Portsmouth PO1 2JJ
2016 New Building Commended New Theatre Royal dual use extension, Guildhall Walk PO1 2DD
2016 New Building Commended St George’s Beneficial School, Hanover Street, Portsea PO1 3BN
2016 Restoration Winner Clocktower, 43C Castle Road, Southsea PO5 3AY
2016 Restoration Commended Lynx House, 1 Northern Road, Cosham PO6 3XB
2016 Restoration Commended Buckland United Reform Church, 174 Kingston Road PO2 7LP
2016 Re-use Winner Boat House No4, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3PX
2016 Re-use Commended The Parade Tearooms, 7-8 Western Parade, Southsea PO5 3JF
2016 Re-use Commended Brewers Estate Agents, The Old Loos, Lwr Drayton Lane PO6 2EL
2016 Landscaping Winner St Edmund’s School Gates, Arundel Street PO1 1RX
2016 Landscaping Commended Fernhurst Junior School wildlife garden  PO4 0AG
2015 New Building Winner Somerstown Central Community Centre, Winston Churchill Avenue PO5 4JJ
2015 New Building Commended Milton Park Primary School extension, Eastney Road PO4 8ET
2015 New Building Commended Charter Academy new building, Hyde Park Road PO5 4HL
2015 New Building Commended 6th Form Centre, Portsmouth Grammar School, 1 High Street PO1 2LN
2015 Restoration Winner Babcock Galleries (Storehouses 10 and 11), Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3PX
2015 Re-use Winner Bluewater Care Home, 143-7 Kingston Road PO2 7EB
2015 Re-use Commended Southsea Beach Café, Eastney Esplanade PO4 0SP
2015 Re-use Commended The Ship Leopard Hotel, The Hard PO1 3DT
2015 Landscaping Winner Charles Dickens Statue, Guildhall Square PO1 2AB
2015 Landscaping Commended Park & Ride landscaping, Tipner Lane PO2 8AN
2014 New Building Winner Mary Rose Museum,Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3PY
2014 New Building Commended Hillside and Wymering Community Centre, Cheltenham Road PO6 3PY
2014 New Building Commended Invincible Terrace, Winston Churchill Avenue PO1 2GE
2014 Restoration Winner Cumberland House, Eastern Parade, Southsea PO4 9RF
2014 Restoration Commended Ferry House Lodge, 472 Mile End Road PO2 7BX
2014 Re-use Winner Garage Lounge, 1 Albert Road PO5 2SP
2013 New Building Winner The Limes, St James’ Hospital, Locksway Road PO4 8LD
2013 New Building Commended Portsmouth University Marine Laboratory, Ferry Road, Eastney PO4 9LY
2013 New Building Commended New council houses,Henrietta Place, Warwick Crescent, Somerstown PO5 4PE
2013 Restoration Winner Spitbank Fort
2013 Re-use Winner St Cuthbert’s Church, 2 Lichfield Road, Copnor PO3 6DE
2013 Re-use Winner Former Gravediggers pub, 97 Highland Road, Southsea PO4 9DD
2013 Landscaping Winner Baffins Pond, Tangier Road PO3 6PD
2013 Landscaping Commended Naval War Memorial, Clarence Parade, Southsea Common PO5 3AE
2012 New Building Winner Portsmouth International Port, George Byng Way PO2 8SP
2012 New Building Commended Highbury Community & Children’s Centre, Hawthorn Crescent, Cosham PO6 2TL
2012 New Building Commended Alliance House, St Mary’s Road, Fratton PO1 5PH
2012 Restoration Winner 5, Grove Road South, Southsea PO5 3QR
2012 Restoration Commended Old Iron Foundry, Portsmouth Naval Base PO1 3NB
2012 Re-use Winner Southsea Library, 19-21 Palmerston Road, Southsea PO5 3QQ
2012 Re-use Commended Yellow Kite Café, Southsea Castle, Clarence Esplanade PO5 3PA
2012 Landscaping Winner Mile End Road central reservation PO2 7BX
2012 Landscaping Commended Stacey Community Centre Orchard, Walsall Road PO3 6HT
2011 New Building Winner Victory Primary School, Allaway Avenue, Paulsgrove PO6 4QP
2011 New Building Commended William Beatty Building, University of Portsmouth, Hampshire Terrace PO1 2QG
2011 New Building Commended Bristow-Clavell Science Centre, Portsmouth Grammar School PO1 2LN
2011 New Building Commended House, 101 St Thomas’ Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2HE
2011 Re-use Winner Church of the Holy Spirit, Fawcett Road, Southsea PO4 0DY
2011 Re-use Commended Guildhall clock tower and bells, Guildhall Square PO1 2AB
2011 Landscaping Winner Somerstown Adventure Playground, Waterloo St/Warwick Crescent PO5 4PE
2011 Landscaping Commended St John sculpture o/s RC Cathedral, Bishop Crispian Way PO1 3HQ
2010 New Building Winner Eco-house, 15 Drayton Lane PO6 1BU
2010 New Building Commended Development at Wilton Place, Southsea PO5 2BG
2010 Restoration Winner The Friary, Marmion Close, Southsea PO5 2LS
2010 Restoration Commended Treadgold’s Warehouse Apartments, Aylward Street PO1 3DA
2010 Restoration Commended Shakespeare Apartments, Elm Grove, Southsea PO5 1AQ
2009 New Building Winner Admiralty Quarter, Queen Street PO1 3GA
2009 New Building Winner Priory View, Cumberland Gate PO5 1AN
2009 New Building Winner Timber-framed house,10 West Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2JW
2009 New Building Commended Dennis Sciama building & landscaping, University of Portsmouth, Portland Street PO1 3FX
2009 Adaptation Winner Electricity sub-station into a house,50, St Ronan’s Road, Southsea PO4 0PX
2009 Landscaping Winner Ceramic roundel, St Jude’s School, St Nicholas Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2NZ
2008 New Building Winner Mary Rose School, Locksway Road, Milton PO4 8GT
2008 New Building Commended Admiral Square houses, Nelson Road, Southsea PO5 2DQ
2008 New Building Commended Highbury College City Centre building, Winston Churchill Avenue PO1 2DH
2008 New Building Commended Wimborne Infants School library & IT building,Wimborne Road, Southsea PO4 8DE
2008 Restoration Winner King’s Theatre, Albert Road, Southsea PO5 2QJ
2008 Restoration Winner Flint wall of 49 Stanley Street, Southsea PO5 2DS
2008 Restoration Commended Restored wings and tower of Vulcan Building, HMS Vernon/ Gunwharf Quays PO1 3BF
2008 Landscaping Winner Marine Gardens, former Royal Marine Barracks, Eastney PO4 9XQ
2008 Landscaping Commended Rev Mortiboys gardens, 13 Oyster Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2HZ
2007 New Building Winner University of Portsmouth library, Cambridge Road PO1 2ST
2007 New Building Commended Bill Sergeant Crescent houses, off Church Road, Fratton PO1 4JP
2007 Restoration Winner Aspex Gallery, Vulcan Building, HMS Vernon/ Gunwharf Quays PO1 3BF
2007 Restoration Winner Liquid-Envy nightclub in the former Connaught Drill Hall, Stanhope Road PO1 1DU
2007 Restoration Commended Hilsea Lines, single casement PO3 5JH
2007 Landscaping Winner Blue Reef Aquarium and play area, Clarence Parade PO5 3PB
2007 Special Developer’s Award Winner Hereford Road development, Southsea PO5 2DH
2006 New Building Winner The Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays PO1 3TT
2006 New Building Commended Hamilton House, St James’ Hospital, Oakene Road, Milton PO4 8FF
2006 New Building Commended Court’s Lane Infants School reception area, Hilary Avenue, Cosham PO6 2PP
2006 New Building Commended West Point complex, facing Milton Park PO4 8GX
2006 New Building Commended City of Portsmouth Girls’ School Learning Centre, St Mary’s Road PO1 5PF
2006 Restoration Winner Angel fountain canopy, Canoe Lake, Southsea PO4 9RG
2006 Landscaping Winner Statue of Admiral Lord Nelson, relocation to Grand Parade, Old Portsmouth PO1 2NF
2005 New Building Winner Waste Incinerator, Quartermaine Road PO3 5QH
2005 New Building Winner Waterside/The Harbour School new block, 23 Tipner Lane PO2 8RA
2005 New Building Commended Royal Navy Leach building, West Battery Road, Whale Island PO2 8BY
2005 Restoration Winner New Theatre Royal, Guildhall Walk PO1 2DD
2005 Restoration Commended Iron & Steel Foundry, Portsmouth Naval Base PO1 3LJ
2005 Restoration Commended 41 Kent Road, Southsea PO5 3EH
2005 Restoration Commended Florence House Hotel, Malvern Road, Southsea PO5 2NA
2005 Landscaping Winner Inside/Outside playground, Marsden Road, Paulsgrove PO6 4JB
2005 Landscaping Winner Porter’s Garden, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3LJ
2004 New Building Winner Charles Dickens Community Centre, Lake Road PO1 4HH
2004 New Building Winner Spinnaker Quay houses/flats, Broad Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2JG
2004 New Building Commended Portsmouth Junior High School, Portland Terrace, Southsea PO5 3ES
2004 Restoration Winner Flats at The Garage, 27a Albert Road, Southsea PO5 2SE
2004 Restoration Commended Len Williams Terrace – houses from New Road School, Fratton PO2 7QJ
2004 Restoration Commended Surestart Centre, Omega Street, Somerstown PO5 4LP
2003 New Building Winner Students’ Union, University of Portsmouth, Cambridge Road PO1 2EF
2003 New Building Commended Milton Canal towpath houses, Gurney Road PO4 8HA
2003 New Building Commended Rosie’s Wine Bar garden restaurant, Elm Grove, Southsea PO5 1JF
2003 Restoration Winner Art in the Park, Victoria Park PO1 3HJ
2003 Restoration Commended Tourist Information centre and landscaping, The Hard PO1 3PU
2003 Landscaping Commended Isambard Brunel Road landscaping PO1 2DU
2003 Landscaping Commended The bridge, Hilsea Lido PO2 9RP
2003 Landscaping Commended Naval War Memorial, Clarence Parade PO5 3AE
2002 New Building Commended 17, 17a, 18 High Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2LP
2002 New Building Commended Court Lane School, new classrooms, Cosham PO6 2PP
2002 New Building Commended St Luke’s School Design Technology block and swimming pool, Greetham Street PO5 4LH
2002 Restoration Winner Boat House No6, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3LJ
2002 Restoration Commended Vulcan Building, HMS Vernon, Gunwharf Quays PO1 3BF
2002 Restoration Commended Highbury Tower, Highbury College, Dovercourt Road, Cosham PO6 2RZ
2002 Restoration Commended Chandos Rise apartment block from former John Brown building, Buckingham Street PO1 1EY
2002 Landscaping Winner Landport Community Garden PO1 1HT
2002 Landscaping Commended Porter’s Garden, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3LJ
2001 New Building Commended Royal Navy Firefighting School, Whale Island PO2 8ER
2001 Restoration Winner Old Customs House pub in former HMS Vernon, Gunwharf Quays PO1 3TY
2001 Restoration Winner St John’s RC Cathedral, Bishop Crispian Way PO1 3HQ
2001 Restoration Commended Fort Cumberland, Eastney PO4 9LD
2001 Landscaping Winner Saluting Platform, Millenium Promenade PO1 2ND
2001 Landscaping Commended Porter’s Garden, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3LJ
1999 New Building Winner Portsmouth Motor Park, Bilton Way/Eastern Road PO3 5FF
1999 Restoration Winner Former Burnetts motorbike shop, St James’ Road, Southsea PO5 4HZ
1999 Restoration Winner Storehouse No 11, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3LJ
1999 Restoration Commended Ottakar’s Bookshop (now Waterstones), Commercial Road PO1 1BU
1999 Landscaping Winner Mural at The Strand, Southsea PO5 2PA
1999 Landscaping Commended Memorial Garden, former Royal Marines Barracks, Eastney PO4 9XQ
1999 Landscaping Commended Landscaping in Queen Street, Portsea
1998 New Building Winner Admiral Lord Nelson School, Dundas Lane PO3 5XT
1998 New Building Winner Materials recycling centre, Quatremain Road PO3 5QH
1998 Restoration Winner St Andrews church into apartments, Henderson Road, Eastney PO4 9GD
1997 New Building Winner Portland Building, University of Portsmouth, Portsea PO1 3AH
1997 Restoration Winner HMS Nelson clocktower and gymnasium PO1 3HH
1997 Landscaping Winner Hilsea Lines PO3 5DZ
1996 New Building Winner Tesco Supermarket, Clement Attlee Way, North Harbour PO6 4SR
1996 Restoration Winner Teapot Row, former Royal Marines Barracks, Eastney PO4 9YA
1996 Restoration Winner 1, Florence Road, Southsea PO5 2ND
1995 New Building Winner Solent Infant School, Eveleagh Road, Farlington PO6 1DH
1995 New Building Commended Blueprint Terrace in Hilsea gasworks PO3 5RW
1995 New Building Commended New main entrance ticket hall, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3LJ
1995 Restoration Winner No7 Boat house, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard PO1 3LJ
1995 Restoration Winner Southsea Police Station, Highland Road, Eastney PO4 9EX
1995 Restoration Winner Gunners’ Row apartments, main former Royal Marine barrack building, Eastney PO4 9XE
1995 Landscaping Commended Portsmouth Works Dept city floral displays across the city
1994 New Building Winner Copnor Junior & Infants School, new building joining the two Victorian buildings, Copnor PO3 5BZ
1994 Restoration Winner Portsmouth Register Office from Milldam House barrack building, Burnaby Road PO1 3AF
1994 Landscaping Winner Portsmouth Works Dept city floral displays (D-Day 50 and 8thCent)
1993 No awards
1992 Special Certificate Winner Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral Extension PO1 2HH
1992 Restoration Winner St Mary’s House, former workhouse PO3 6AB
1992 Landscaping Winner Anchorage Park estate PO3 5UE
1992 Landscaping Winner Tamworth Field Pond, Tamworth Rd/Walsall Rd  PO3 6DN
1991 No awards
1990 New Building Winner The Boardwalk, Port Solent PO6 4TP
1990 Restoration Winner The Roberts Centre, 84 Crasswell Street PO1 1HT
1990 Landscaping Winner Arthur Dann Court, Cosham PO6 3HW
1989 New Building Winner Port Solent PO6 4UF
1989 New Building Winner Ian Gibson Court, Carlisle Road, Somerstown PO5 1DH
1989 Restoration Winner Portsmouth & Southsea Railway Station PO1 1EH
1988 New Building Winner 3 terraces – Pounds, Blackthorn & Rawlinson in Cumberland & King William Streets, Portsea PO1 3JJ
1988 Restoration Winner Nursing Home from former dairy, Albert Road, Cosham PO6 3BT
1987 New Building Winner Gunwharf Gate estate PO1 2BW
1987 Restoration Winner Nazareth House convent to Brandon Court, Albert Rd/ Lawrence Rd corner, Southsea PO5 1PF
1986 Restoration Winner HMS Temeraire, former gymnasium into squash courts, Burnaby Road PO1 2HB
1985 New Building Winner D-Day Museum, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea PO5 3NT
1985 New Building Commended Paulsgrove Library, Marsden Road PO6 4JB
1985 Restoration Winner Carnegie Library, Fratton Road PO1 5EZ
1985 Restoration Commended Branksmere, Queens Cresent, Southsea PO5 3HT
1985 Restoration Commended 44 Queen Street, Portsea PO1 3HW
1985 Restoration Commended Portland Terrace, Southsea PO5 3HW
1985 Restoration Commended Spitbank Fort (museum)
1984 New Building Winner Stamshaw First School, Tipner Road PO2 8QH
1984 Restoration Winner Greenhouse Health Club from Wadham’s Garage, Castle Road, Southsea PO5 3AY
1983 New Building Winner Merefield House, Lake Road, Buckland PO1 4JT
1983 Restoration Winner 1, Sussex Place, Southsea PO5 3EZ