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February Members Meeting – Researching a building’s history

It will be a pleasure to welcome historian Dr John Stedman to our next meeting on 21st February. John is the local history officer and an archivist with Portsmouth Museum Services, and has published extensively about the city. He will be talking about how the Portsmouth History Centre can be used to trace a building’s history – so we hope this

No Diving – Memories of Hilsea Lido

Its future has been uncertain but memories of Hilsea Lido will live on thanks to a £24,500 grant from the National Heritage Lottery Fund. This Learning Links (PACE) project saw artist Jez Stevens working with community learners and volunteers and collaborating with Wessex Film and Sound Archive and Chichester University to celebrate the architectural heritage of the Lido and the

Portsmouth Reflections

Neil Marshall has published this innovative book of Then and Now pictures - with contributions from Celia and Deane Clark, JA Hewes, Eddie Wallace, John Brownlee, John Sadden, Michael Zeffert and others. The recent photographs were taken from exactly the same spot at the same time of year as the old pictures - to get the shadows right - and

Southern Comfort 2010

Nine of our members, led by our President Dr Celia Clark, had the pleasure of representing the Portsmouth Society at 'Southern Comfort' at Comfort' at the Ghurka Museum in the former Peninsular Barracks in Winchester on Saturday 10 July. This was a formal meeting of local Civic Societies in the South-East, hosted by the City of Winchester Trust and included

The Tricorn: Life and Death of a Sixties Icon

Love it or hate it – there’s no middle ground in reactions to the Tricorn, the Brutalist, bold, multi-layered and multi-use megastructure built in Portsmouth between 1962 and 1966 and demolished in 2004. The Tricorn features in histories of architecture. Its chunky imagery has spawned progeny - in the UK – the Lloyds building’s exterior staircases, the Barbican’s curving upstands -

Farewell Pitt Street Baths

This Art Nouveau baths and gymnasium were built in 1910-11 as the Royal Naval School of Physical Training, when the armed services were worried about the lack of fitness of new recruits. It has a twin in Chatham in HMS Pembroke - now used by the University of Greenwich. The gymnasium had the highest hall in Portsmouth - better for