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The Portsmouth Society's Planning Sub Committee meets every three weeks to monitor all individual planning applications, commenting where appropriate. Our comments are not always objections as there are many occasions when we support schemes.

Guiding Principles

We believe that the special character of our city should be maintained and improved. We try to ensure that planning decisions result in the highest possible standards of design, respect the city's policy of protecting Portsmouth's historic buildings, conservation areas and seafront and incorporate advanced sustainability features.

In terms of individual planning applications, our focus is on the 'street scene' and neighbourliness. The guiding principles on which we assess each proposal include:
  • Proper respect for conservation areas
  • Respect for building lines on a street
  • Harmony with neighbouring buildings
  • A welcome for good modern design
  • Consideration of the proposed use of the building or site, including social implications.
  • Consideration of environmental aspects - eg gardens, trees, green spaces.
  • Consideration of sustainable aspects - eg bicycle storage, waste recycling & disposal, absorbent ground surfaces, flooding risk, rainwater harvesting and renewable energy.
Your Input
We are always interested to hear your views about planning issues. Please email us at

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